Smoking and bladder cancer
Bladder Cancer

Most people know that smoking can lead to lung cancer. But do you know that smoking can also lead to bladder cancer? Carcinogens may be absorbed by the body and excreted into the urine. As urine is stored in the bladder 24 hours a day, bladder is actually one of the major organs which is most exposed to carcinogens. With time, mutations can occur and patients may develop bladder cancer.





In Hong Kong, bladder cancer is more common in male than female, with a ratio of 3 to 1. This may be partly explained by the differences in smoking habits between the two genders. In a recent study by CUHK Urology, it was found that smoking positively correlates with the incidence of bladder cancer. Even more strikingly, smoking also positive correlates with mortality related to bladder cancer. In Asia, although there was a decreasing incidence of bladder cancer over the past 10 years, the mortality of bladder cancer in male patients has been increasing. Bladder cancer affects survival - it is an important disease that deserves more attention.


Smoking cessation is extremely important to prevent bladder cancer. Even in patients already diagnosed with bladder cancer, smoking cessation has been shown to improve the oncological outcomes in the long run. So please say no to smoking and live a healthy life!


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