How to investigate and make diagnose for Bladder Cancer? (Part 2)
Bladder Cancer

BCG Intravesicle Immunotherapy

The vaccine may cause reaction in the bladder, stimulating the immune system to reduce the number of cancer cells. The treatment is carried out in 6 weeks, with weekly instillation. During the treatment, the medical staff use a catheter to insert liquid vaccine directly into a bladder. In due course, there may appear some side effects, namely heamaturia, coughing, fever, chills, vigor, nausea, urinary frequency, feeling pain on urinating and skin rash, etc., but these will disappear gradually.          


Intravesical Chemotherapy

With a soft tube, the doctor inserts anti-cancer drugs into the inner lining of the bladder via the urethra. The drugs may cause the inner lining to inflame, thus making the patient feel pain or have urinary frequency.