Flexible Cystoscopy

This is a procedure that involves passing an endoscope through the urethra to allow examination of the urethra and urinary bladder




  • A written consent from the patient is necessary
  • No need for fasting




  • A local anaesthetic lubricant jelly is injected into the urethra
  • A flexible fibre-optic cystoscope is passed via the urethra into the bladder
  • Fluid is infused, through the cystoscope, to distend the bladder allowing for easier examination
  • A biopsy may be required



Care & Advice

  • Increase fluid consumption after the examination
  • Burining sensation may be experienced when voiding, and urine may be slightly blood-stained



Possible Complications

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Heavy haematuria after biopsy


Should you have any queries, please consult your doctor-in-charge.